How To Disable (Turn Off) Excel 2013's In-Window Animations

By Chris Newman •  Updated: 04/10/14 •  2 min read
Remove Excel 2013 Worksheet Animations

What’s With All These Fancy Animations?

When I first played around with Excel 2013 the new navigation animations were one of the first things I noticed...and also one of the first new features to annoy me.  Whether it was the cell highlighter floating from selection to selection or cell values thinking they were slot machines when formula outputs changed; my eyes just COULD NOT handle it! 

For all of you who share my affection for these new animations, here is how you can quickly turn them off.

How Do I Get Rid Of These!

On your keyboard key in the shortcut Windows + Pause/Break

Disable Excel 2013 Worksheet Animations

1. In the System window click on Advanced System Settings

Disable Excel 2013 Worksheet Animations

2. In the System Properties window, navigate to the Advanced tab, and click the Performance Settings.

Disable Excel 2013 Worksheet Animations

3. In the Performance Options dialog box, navigate to the Visual Effects tab, select the Custom option button, and uncheck Animate Controls & Elements Inside Windows

"Disable Excel 2013 Worksheet Animations

4. Click Apply in the Performance Options dialog

The Animations Are Gone!

Ah, much better.  Now Excel acts like the workhorse that it is an not a trendy app.  I'm curious about your thoughts on the new animations in Office 2013.  Leave a comment below and tell me if you love the change or hate it!  I look forward to reading your opinion.

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