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Current Version: Version 2.1
Compatibility: PC Only | Excel 2007 or later | Works on 32-bit or 64-bit
License: Up To 3 of your personal devices per single license
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Understand And Audit Spreadsheets With Ease!

The brand new Tickmark Excel Add-in is a tool geared to help analysts understand, audit, or explain spreadsheets easier. This add-in was built to help all users of Microsoft Excel alleviate the painful process of getting handed another person's spreadsheet model and needing to understand it, improve it, or audit it quickly and effectively.

Add Tickmarks To Your Spreadsheet

Add various tickmark symbols to your spreadsheet with a click of a button. The icons available in the add-in include:

  • Popular Symbols

  • Numbering 1-99

  • Letters A-Z

  • Various accounting abbreviations

Instantly Remove Your Tickmarks

Need to start over or clean up the spreadsheet? Use the Remove Ticks button to remove all the tickmarks added on the active spreadsheet.

Choose Your Own Colors!

You can choose to insert your tickmarks as pictures or shapes. If you choose the "shapes" option, you are free to change the fill color as you would any other Excel shape. If you want a specific color by default, you can set preferred color formats for most of the tickmark icons in the Settings Userform.

Format Tick Icons with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in
Create Own Icons.png

Everyone is Different, So Create Your Own!

While the Tickmark add-in comes with pre-built Tick icons for you to use, the tool also gives you the ability to create up to 30 of your own Tickmark icons. Simply import a picture into your spreadsheet or create your own icon from scratch using Excel shapes and then upload it using the Custom Tick Manager. The Tickmark add-in even has the ability to create a Ribbon icon that looks exactly like your custom creations!

When you first get handed another person's spreadsheet model, one of the most overwhelming parts can be understanding the setup of the overall model.

Data Organizer

With the Tickmark Add-in's Data Organizer button you can easily decipher whether the data on a spreadsheet falls into one of the following categories:

  • Hardcoded Number

  • Formula

  • Off-Sheet Referencing Formula

  • Formula with a Plug

Take a look at how running the Data Organizer can quickly turn plain data into being meaningfully formatted. The Data Organizer can be run on an entire spreadsheet or just on an area of selected cells.

As you can see from above, after running the Data Organizer you can immediately tell what numbers are being input into the spreadsheet and where the formulas are located. The Data Organizer even caught a formula for Widget 7 within the spreadsheet that had a +20 added to it that you may want to look into.

The Data Organizer's applied formats are not limited and you can go into the Tickmark settings and change any of the fill or font colors to match your formatting preferences.

You can even click a button to insert a pre-built legend so you can easily inform users or remind yourself what each format represents.

Insert Hyperlinked Contents Tab

Another pain point that can arise while getting to know a spreadsheet model is navigating the shear size of the model itself! How many times have you been give an Excel file to update and there are over 50 tabs to try and decipher? The Tickmark add-in allows you to insert a Table of Contents tab with hyperlinks to each one of the spreadsheet tabs in your workbook. You can also add "Back" buttons to each tab so you can easily flip back and forth between all the spreadsheets.

Table of Contents with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in

Find Plugs In Formulas

Adding a plug can be common practice if you need your number to visually foot or if you have a one-off reason to modify a calculation.  There are typically two ways to make such adjustments (1) add the plug off to the side of your analysis and modify your formula to point to the "Plug Cell" or (2) just add the number directly into the formula itself.  

Plugs directly inside formulas can be detrimental because they can be easily forgotten about, they are not visible, and are often times not documented as to their reason for being there.

After running the Plug Finder on a spreadsheet tab, you instantly get a list of cells containing plugged numbers within formulas. These cells are also marked with a marker of your choosing (dot, circle, or box) in order to bring attention to the cells that were possibly tampered with. The markers are all shape objects, so they will not affect any formatting on your spreadsheets.

Plug Finder Customization with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in
Investigate Spreadsheet Further with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in
Unhide Sheets with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in

Unhide All Sheets

Tired of individually unhiding each tab hidden in your Excel file? With the Tickmark add-in you can unhide all worksheets in your Workbook (including Very Hidden worksheets) with one click of a button!

Outside References

Lists all the outside sheets that are being fed into the current worksheet's formulas. This instantly gives you visibility into what tabs are feeding into your current worksheet.

The listing includes Internal sheets inside your workbook and External files referenced.


Formula Auditing with the Tickmark Excel Add in

Formula Auditing

The almighty Formula Auditing tools found in Excel's Formulas tab has been replicated so you have quick access to these powerful functionalities within the Tickmark Add-in.

Highlight Important Areas with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in

Insert An Arrow Shape To Point Things Out

Draw and insert arrows based on the currently selected range of cells. You have the ability to determine the direction and length of the arrow based on how you select your cells. You can also go into the Tickmark Add-in settings and determine the default line color and line thickness for your arrows. Take a look at how various cell selections determine how the arrow looks!

Draw Arrows With The Tickmark Auditing Excel Add-in

Highlight Important Info with Boxes & Circles

Places a box or circle around your currently selected range of cells. This is a great way to bring attention to specific parts of your data that need attention. Through the Tickmark Settings you can even determine the default border color and thickness to make your boxes and circles align with your preferences.

Draw Boxes and Circles with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in

Create Comment Bubbles That Actually Stand Out

Add a comment bubble shape on top of the ActiveCell. You determine the direction of the spike. You can also go into the Tickmark settings and set your own default color formats and shape size!

Insert Comment Bubbles with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in
Custom Format Settings with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in

The Tickmark add-in comes with lots of formatting and functionality settings allowing you to completely customize the add-in to your preferences.

Even More Features with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in

Spreadsheet Legends

Create a legend where you can inform your users (or remind yourself) the meaning behind your color schemes. Select mulitple cells to create more than one at a time.

Spreadsheet Legends with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in
Scroll To The Top with the Tickmark Auditing Excel Add in

Scroll To The Top Of Every Tab

This button goes through every worksheet and scrolls to cell A1 (Top, Left). This is a great feature to run before sending your model off to someone or when you first open up a model to ensure you are starting off at the very top of every spreadsheet you dig into.


Link Tick Icons

Seamlessly create hyperlinks between your Tickmark icons to navigate complex models or create Audit Trails.

Link Ticks.png

A Free 14-Day Trial Just For You

I personally couldn't live without this add-in but I can understand if you think you may not use it. That is why I am willing to provide you with a trial version of this add-in so you can try it completely free for 2 weeks. I don't lock down any of the features, so you have complete access to every functionality! 

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So what's there to lose? Now is your opportunity to pick up this revolutionary add-in that will change the way your interact with your spreadsheets. Click the Buy Now button below to quickly get your hands on this amazingly powerful Excel add-in!

Add-in Licensing

Each license purchased (ie add-in unit) of this product is licensed for use to 1 user. This single user may activate this product on up to three of his/her computing devices to account for future equipment refreshes or working at home. If users are found attempting to share licenses, we reserve the right to terminate add-in functionality immediately.

Companies may choose to purchase multiple licenses (add-in units) in a single order. Once the license codes are distributed and activated, they will be tied to the respective users. Companies may contact TheSpreadsheetGuru via email in order to transfer licenses in the event an employee leaves the company or no longer needs the product's functionality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns surrounding the licensing process.

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What Are You Waiting For?!

Stop struggling to understand huge and complicated Excel Models and use the Tickmark Add-in to help create order in your spreadsheets. Tickmark is not just an add-in for auditors but a tool every analyst can use to ensure his or her models are accurate and can easily be understood by others. Pickup a copy of the Tickmark Add-in today!


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