The Tickmark Excel Add-in

OVERVIEW: This is an add-in geared to the audit profession, but I have used many of this add-in's functions for creating instructions and understanding other people's files. Most of the buttons create images that overlay and highlight a portion of the spreadsheet. Here is a brief overview of what this tool can do!


Single Ticks - Adds a single tickmark to the worksheet (based on cell selection). For numerical and letter tickmarks, the next number/letter will appear based on the tickmarks that are already on the spreadsheet

Double Ticks - Adds two of the same tickmark to the worksheet (based on cell selection). For numerical and letter tickmarks, the next number/letter will appear based on the tickmarks that are already on the spreadsheet

Remove All - Removes all tickmarks from the ActiveSheet

Data Organizer - Formats all cells based on if they are a formula, hard-coded number, external link, or external formula (referring to another spreadsheet)

Plug Finder - Searches all formulas on the ActiveSheet for plug (+/-) numbers (ie "=SUM(A1:B5) + 5" --- five would be considered a plug number)

Unhide All - Unhides all worksheets in the ActiveWorkbook

Contents - Creates a Table of Contents tab with hyperlinks to each worksheet

Scroll Up - Goes through every worksheet and scrolls to cell A1 (Top, Left)

Red Box/Circle - Places a red box or circle around the currently selected range of cells

Flag - Highlights a selected cell with a yellow fill and thick red border

Comment - Adds a comment bubble shape on top of the ActiveCell

Formula Auditing - This is simply the group of buttons found in the Formulas tab. Since these Microsoft-built functions work fairly well and they are "Auditing Tools", I figured adding these to the Ribbon might save others a few navigational clicks.

What Do You Think?

As I build this add-in, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I am not currently in the audit profession, so I would more than appreciate hearing from those in the profession and finding out what you would use in an add-in.  Are there specific tickmarks that the Big Four audit firms always use? Let me know in the comments section below!