The Exporter Excel Template

Compatibility: PC Only | Excel 2007 or later | Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

What The Exporter Will Do For You!

Can you sympathize with any of these scenarios?

Office Scenarios.png

What do all these scenarios have in common?  They all require extra clicks of the mouse that can easily tack on anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours of manual work.  After spending hours in front of the computer developing, updating, and triple checking Excel files, you then have to take the time to churn out "clean" files that tell a clear-cut story about its contents.  What The Exporter template will do for you is automate the arduous task of converting your bulky Excel models, dashboards, and projects into lightweight, presentable, information only files.  There are endless ways you can use this template to Export, Save, and Email your Excel spreadsheets!  

This template is also designed from the ground up to be extremely versatile.  This means it can handle any number of tabs or email addresses you require.  Also, since this template uses an Excel spreadsheet, you can use Excel formulas to automatically generate custom file names, file paths, and email messages.

Still not convinced?  Watch the video below where I personally walk you through The Exporter template and show you all the power automation you can add to your spreadsheets!

VIDEO: Let Me Walk You Through The Template 


Why I Created This Template

I can't tell you how many Excel analysis files I currently manage on a monthly basis and have to shoot off to all sorts of different levels of management every single month.  Between remembering who to send a specific file to and having to take the time to hardcode numbers, delete extraneous data, and remove unneeded tabs, I spend HOURS every month carrying out mind-numbing tasks.  It got to a point where I had to figure out a solution that would save me from the frustration of putting together these repetitive reports and also prevent me from making mistakes (like sending a file to the wrong person).  After countless hours of coding and testing, I finally found the solution to automate my processes  The single template that I came up with has saved me an unimaginable amount of time and effort.  I call it The Exporter.

Top Features

Export Icon.png


- Only export the worksheets you want to export!

- Remove formulas by hardcoding the cell values

- Remove data and calculations that are outside your designated Print Areas

- Remove Named Ranges or Cell Comments

- Break all External Links

*These can be implemented individually or in any combination you desire!

Save Icon.png


- Customize your file name with an Excel formula

- Choose and save a default folder path to export to

- Save your workbook tabs as individual files at once

- Close your saved workbooks right after they are created

- Select which file type to save your exports as

  • XLSX

  • XLSM

  • XLS

  • PDF

  • CSV

Email Icon.png


- Automatically email your exports through Microsoft Outlook

- Customize and Store who recieves your message

  • To

  • CC

  • BCC

- Store a standardized subject line and message in Excel or make them both dynamic by adding an Excel formula

-Choose to save attachments or delete them from your computer after your email has been created

Template Instructions Tab

The Exporter template includes an in-depth instructions tab that explains every single feature the template has.  It also contains tips on how you can modify the template to suite your specific needs.  You can choose whether to keep or remove this tab from your Excel workbooks.

Free Updates

If any improvements or features are added to the template, I will email you the new file at NO COST to you!  With this in mind, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the template.  While I cannot promise to add everyone's feature requests, I do want to make this template as flexible as possible.  If there are ways I can add variability to the template, I am more than willing to try and add new features that would be useful to everyone.

Two Price Points

The Exporter template is offered in two variations to target different types of Excel users.  Think how you intend to use Excel in the future so you can make the proper purchase for yourself.

The Exporter Grid.jpg

Restricted Template

I am offering this template for only $25!  This template has all the features described above; however, the VBA code doing all the magic behind the scenes is protected and cannot be viewed.  This package is great for the user who just wants to use the template's features "as is" and has no need to modify or customize any of the functionality.

All Access Template

This template is offered for only $70 and is intended for the Excel user who knows how to code in VBA or is wanting to learn how to write macros.  This version of the template was also created for those who may want to make modifications to the workbook's functionality in the future.  Within this file, you have complete access to all of the macros that make this template churn out beautiful, lightweight files.  All of the code has comments and is organized in a way that most users will be able to easily follow and comprehend the VBA.  You can also modify the code to suite your individual needs or preferences.  This level of access opens up the possibility to automate further tasks within your workflow.  The possibilities are endless!

Macro Gears.png

Macros You'll Have Access To Include:

  • Email files through Outlook

  • Create multi-line messages in Outlook

  • Attach multiple files to an Outlook email

  • Remove content outside of the Print Area

  • Save each individual worksheet as a separate file

  • Save files as PDFs & CSVs

  • Remove all External Links from a file

  • Remove all Named Ranges from a file

  • And many more!!!

Purchase Disclaimer

This template's use is meant ONLY for the individual who purchases the file.  The Exporter Excel File and its VBA code may not be redistributed or resold under any circumstances.  Special rates can be made for companies wishing to purchase these templates for all of their employees.  Please contact to inquire concerning bulk packaging.

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