Excel VBA To Add Custom Colors To Recent Colors Section of Palette

A Little Background

This post shows how you can use VBA code to add specific colors (outside your color theme) to the Recent Colors section of your Excel Color Palette. I have actually been trying to figure this out on and off for years with no success until a week ago when I stumbled on a little shortcut that led me to the VBA solution in this post.

How To Quickly (Manually) Add A Color To Recent Colors

So the tactic I stumbled upon to quickly add a color from your spreadsheet to your Recent Colors section goes as follows:

  1. Select the cell with the desired color (in this example we are targeting the Fill Color)
  2. Go to the More Colors button in the Home tab (keyboard shortcut Alt+H+H+M)
  3. Hit Ok

By doing those three steps, you do not have to manually type in a RGB color code to get a specific color into the Recent Colors line-up.

What This VBA Code Does

With that process in mind, I was able to write the below code that takes a list of RGB color codes (each value 3 characters long) and follow the steps listed previously

  1. Apply a color to a cell
  2. Use keyboard Shortcut Alt+H+H+M to open up the More Colors Dialog
  3. Hit the Enter Key (tilde sign in VBA)

I will warn that using keyboard shortcut via VBA can sometimes not work. I haven't had any problems with this particular script but I have had issues with other code that attempted to programmatically use keyboard shortcuts. I use the DoEvents call a couple times in order to try and mitigate any issues that might arise with the SendKeys function.

VBA Code:

Sub LoadRecentColors()
'PURPOSE: Use A List Of RGB Codes To Load Colors Into Recent Colors Section of Color Palette
'SOURCE: www.TheSpreadsheetGuru.com/the-code-vault

Dim ColorList As Variant
Dim CurrentFill As Variant

'Array List of RGB Color Codes to Add To Recent Colors Section (Max 10)
  ColorList = Array("066,174,093", "184,055,038", "046,062,081", "056,160,133")

'Store ActiveCell's Fill Color (if applicable)
  If ActiveCell.Interior.ColorIndex <> xlNone Then CurrentFill = ActiveCell.Interior.Color

'Optimize Code
  Application.ScreenUpdating = False

'Loop Through List Of RGB Codes And Add To Recent Colors
  For x = LBound(ColorList) To UBound(ColorList)
    ActiveCell.Interior.Color = RGB(Left(ColorList(x), 3), Mid(ColorList(x), 5, 3), Right(ColorList(x), 3))
    SendKeys "%hhm~"
  Next x

'Return ActiveCell Original Fill Color
  If CurrentFill = Empty Then
    ActiveCell.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
    ActiveCell.Interior.Color = currentColor
  End If

End Sub

How Do I Modify This To Fit My Specific Needs?

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