Swap Two Selected Cell Ranges In Excel

Switch contents of two cell ranges with VBA

What This VBA Code Does

Often times when I am preparing spreadsheet reports, I find myself needing to perform minor manipulations of the data to better tell my story or to appease the look that management wants.

Below is a simplistic example of what happens to me all the time when I am putting schedules together really quickly. Management takes a look at my first draft (see far left table) and decides they want the Catalog-related variance to swap locations with the the In-Store variance. This table is within a dashboard, so I cannot simply cut the entire rows and insert them. Manually, I would have to insert cells, do some copy/pasting, and delete some cells. All painfully tedious, especially if you are in a crunched for time.

Swap Areas.png

So let’s use a little VBA magic to see if we can automate this process for us.

VBA Code:

The below code will allow you to select two ranges of cells (they must be the same in size) and switch their contents.

Sub SwapTwoAreas()
'PURPOSE: Swap two selected ranges' formulas/values with each other
'SOURCE: www.TheSpreadsheetGuru.com

Dim rng As Range
Dim StoredRng As Variant

Set rng = Selection

If rng.Areas.Count <> 2 Or rng.Areas(1).Cells.Count <> rng.Areas(2).Cells.Count Then
  MsgBox "Please select two ranges that are the same size before running this macro"
  Exit Sub
End If

'Store first selected cell area
  StoredRng = rng.Areas(1).Cells.Formula

'Swap first area with the second
  rng.Areas(1).Cells.Formula = rng.Areas(2).Cells.Formula

'Populate second area with the first
  rng.Areas(2).Cells.Formula = StoredRng

End Sub

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