Cell Fills (Color, Patterns, & Gradients)

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What This VBA Code Does

This will give you a sample of the different types of cell fills you can have in Excel

Sub Modify_Cell_Fill()

'PURPOSE: Show Various Ways to Modify Cell Fill
'SOURCE: www.TheSpreadsheetGuru.com

    'Change Fill Color
        Range("A1").Interior.Color = RGB(141, 180, 227)
    'Add Pattern (See xlPattern constants for choices)
        Range("B1").Interior.Pattern = xlDown
        Range("B1").Interior.PatternColor = RGB(141, 180, 227)
    'Add Gradients
        With Range("C1").Interior
            .Pattern = xlPatternLinearGradient
            .Gradient.Degree = 180
            'Adjust Color Stops
                'Clear Default Color Stops
                'Add A Color Stop
                    With .Gradient.ColorStops.Add(0)
                        .Color = RGB(255, 255, 255)
                    End With
                'Add Another Color Stop
                    With .Gradient.ColorStops.Add(1)
                        .Color = RGB(141, 180, 227)
                    End With
        End With

End Sub

xlPattern Constants

xlPatternChecker9Checkerboard Pattern
xlPatternCrissCross16Criss-Cross Line Pattern
xlPatternDown-4121Dark Diagonal Line Pattern ( \ )
xlPatternGrid15Grid Pattern
xlPatternHorizontal-4128Horizontal Line Pattern
xlPatternLightDown13Lighter Diagonal Line Pattern ( \ )
xlPatternLightHorizontal11Lighter Horizontal Line Pattern
xlPatternLightUp14Lighter Diagonal Line Pattern ( / )
xlPatternLightVertical12Lighter Vertical Bar Pattern
xlPatternNone-4142No Pattern
xlPatternSolid1Solid Color Fill
xlPatternUp-4162Dark Diagonal Line Pattern ( / )
xlPatternVertical-4166Darker Vertical Bar Pattern

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