Current Version: Version 1.1

Compatibility: PC Only | Excel 2007 or later (including Office 365 Desktop) | Works with 32-bit or 64-bit Office

License: One license required for each user

help-page: Waterfall Chart Help Page

Growing in popularity

Waterfall charts have been around for a long time, but they seem to have grown in popularity over the past few years as companies try to find simple ways to display their data walks.  These graphs do a tremendous job of quickly showing different variance buckets between two data points (typically over a period of time - sometimes called a "data walk").  The single thing that trips many analysts up is the complexity surrounding the setup and formatting of these graphs. 

If you would like to learn more about Waterfall charts you can read my article, How To Analyze a Waterfall (Bridge) Chart.


The Waterfall Chart Add-in Ribbon Interface:

Waterfall chart add-in for Excel

What The Add-in Adds To Your Excel Workbook (Just Click the Insert Button)

The great advantage to having the Waterfall Chart add-in is that it does all the painful setup work for you. Below shows exactly what gets created in your Excel Workbook every time you click the Insert button. You don't have to create the 8 individual chart series that make up a properly functioning waterfall chart, you don't have to mess around with all the formulas to get the bar charts and data labels functioning properly. You just need to be able to click a button and add your data points! It's really just that simple!

How the waterfall chart add-in for Excel works
Generate in Seconds

The greatest challenge with Waterfall charts is their creation! This add-in takes this advanced chart and lets you generate them in a few steps that anyone can do! Just (1) add your variance names, (2) determine whether it is a variance or end point, and (3) paste in your values.   Once your data is added, you simply click the Create button within the Waterfall Chart add-in and your chart is generated!

Wih 3 input columns, you can start creating a waterfall chart.
Clean, professional format

There are a variety of formats out there for Waterfall graphs (just do a quick Google image search).  However, many of them are quite dated and difficult to quickly analyze.  This template starts with a clean chart format that is very straightforward and easy to comprehend.  The design gets rid of all the noise that most other Waterfall charts contain and allows your audience to concentrate on the story being told by your data.

Formatting options with the Waterfall chart add-in
Customize to fit your needs

Whether it's a specific chart size or color palette; this add-in can easily accommodate your formatting needs.  You can even save your settings so you don't have to start from scratch next time!

Customizing the waterfall chart

You can instantaneously access the online help web page for the Waterfall Chart add-in from inside your Excel Ribbon. This means you don't have to remember a URL or fiddle around with opening your web browser.

Toop tips
Going negative

Sometimes your variances can cross the x-axis and go into negative territory.  The Waterfall Chart add-in uses advanced techniques to handle these scenarios so your chart is still displaying and formatted properly if it happens to go below 0. Just make sure to tweak your Y-Axis Min settings to accommodate for this visually.

Negative numbers with Waterfall chart examples.
Add-in features overview
Waterfall Chart add-in pricing table

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One of the best perks that come with working for a company is they typically set aside money every year to allow their employees to purchase tools just like this one! Tell your manager you found this awesome tool that will save you loads of time and ask if the company would possibly be able to fund the purchase.  It never hurts to ask! Make sure to purchase enough licenses in the event you are buying for multiple co-workers or a whole department.  You will be able to enter the amount you need at checkout (click the green button below).

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30 day guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I'm so confident you will love this add-in, I'm willing to give you 30 days from your purchase date to decide if this is the tool for you. If you come to the conclusion that the Waterfall Chart add-in was not what you were expecting, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money back.  So what's there to lose? Now is your opportunity to automate the creation of these complex charts and spend more time analyzing the results. Click the Buy Now button below to quickly get your hands on this amazingly simple Excel add-in!

System Compatibility

Due to the limitations of Office for Mac, the Waterfall Chart add-in is only compatible with PC versions of Microsoft Office 2007+. This includes Excel 2007-2016 and Microsoft 365 Subscriptions on any Windows operating system. The Waterfall Chart add-in is compatible with Microsoft Office 32-bit as well as the 64-bit version. Please reach out with the form at the bottom of this page if you are experiencing compatibility issues not addressed in this section.

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