Current Version: Excel Versions 2007- M365

Compatibility: PC Only

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What The Tab Filter Will Do For You (Now Filters Tab Colors!)

Have you ever had an Excel workbook with 20+ tabs and been...

  • Frustrated with the navigation?
  • Tired of scrolling back and forth between tabs to compare numbers?
  • Confused by how the workbook is organized?

Experiencing any one of those feelings (let alone all of them) can really make your job overwhelming! However, adding a Tab Filter to your bulky Excel workbooks will allow you to navigate your tabs with ease and organize all the data sets stored in your workbook with one simple click!

The Tab Filter Template allows you to create custom Filter Buttons that filter only the Excel tabs containing the text displayed on the button.   For example, if you were to create a Filter Button that displayed the text "JAN" and then clicked it, only the Excel tabs containing the text "JAN" would show in your workbook.  All other tabs would be hidden from view.  Take a look below to see this amazing, time-saving system in action!

Exxcel Tab Filter demo

Decide Which Tabs To Always Show Or Hide

There may be instances when you always want certain tabs in your workbook to be visible no matter which Filter Button is selected.  In these cases, all you have to do is add the tab's name to the Always Show table. Likewise, there is a Never Show table that you can populate with names of tabs you wish to remain hidden.

VBA is Unlocked

This template has no restrictions and you are free to look at the VBA code and modify it as you see fit.  All the VBA code in this template has specific comments that will tell you what is going on in the different sections of the code.

Customize Your Filter Buttons

There are many ways you can apply this template to create a completely unique view.  As long as your buttons are assigned with the proper macro, they can look any way you'd like.  Check out the examples below!

Customize excel filter buttons.

Free Updates

If any improvements or features are added to the template, I will email you the new file at NO COST to you!  With this in mind, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the template.  While I cannot promise to add everyone's feature requests, I do want to make this template as flexible as possible.  If there are ways I can add variability to the template, I am more than willing to try and add new features that would be useful to everyone.

Just Released: Version 3.0

With the help of your suggestions, I am excited to release version 3.0 of the Tab Filter template. With this new update, you now have the ability to permanently hide tabs and filter tab colors! Just fill in the respective tables included with the update and your filter buttons will be extremely powerful!

Tab filter version 3.0

I've also added a neat little tool to easily determine the color code of a given fill color (shown above to the right). Just fill the designated cell with the tab color you wish to filter and simply click the blue button. You will be given the color code that you can input into the second column of the Color table.

Name Your Price!

I believe this template is so valuable, I want to make sure that money doesn't prevent anyone from using it.  I have set up the purchasing process so YOU can personally decide how much you would like to pay for this template!  Yes, you read that right, you can pay any amount from $0 - $1 million (I made a personal decision not to accept anything over one million dollars...for now).  There are no excuses for you not to pick up this template. Click the button below so that you can download the Tab Filter Template today!

Note:  Your email address will be required in order to make this purchase.  This is only so I can directly send you free updated versions of the template as they are released.  Your privacy is very much respected and your email address will never be shared.