Current Version: Version 3.0

Compatibility: PC Only | Excel 2007 or later (including Office 365 Desktop) | Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

License: Up To 3 of your personal devices per single license

help-page: SideKick Help Page

SideKick (Every Superhero Needs One!)

This very simple add-in is the one tool I use every single day as a financial analyst. As a data analyst, I retrieve data from all sorts of sources. This includes databases, websites, and other Excel files. The one problem I kept running into is not all these sources provide numbers in the same way. One database might report pounds while another reports tons, one spreadsheet might have numbers in thousands when the rest of my data is in millions.

After years of manually "massaging" my data, a brilliant idea came to me....what if I had a tool that could quickly do all these mathematical tweaks for me? A couple of months of testing and tweaking later, my SideKick was born!

Here's a preview of this powerful tool in action!

SideKick's Special Powers Explained

Sidekick Excel Add-in features

Skip Over Text, Formulas, Dates, And Blanks!

The special power of SideKick is that it only affects the types of data you want it to affect. By default, Sidekick will only perform its calculations on hardcoded numbers (excluding dates). This means if you have subtotal formulas within your data, you don't need to worry about holding down the Ctrl key and manually excluding them from your selection. You can select the whole range and quickly put SideKick to work!

Skip over text, formulas, dates and blanks with the Sidekick add-in

Accelerator Keyboard Shortcuts

For all you shortcut junkies out there, SideKick has keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate the userform. By keying the Alt key and a specific letter key, you can enable or disable a particular option. The letter used in combination with the Alt key is underlined within the option label.

Below is a list of all the possible shortcuts you can use with SideKick. My favorite is using Alt + s and then Enter to quickly change the signs of my range selection.

  • Divide By [Alt + d]

  • Multiply By [Alt + t]

  • Add To [Alt + a]

  • Subtract From [Alt + c]

  • Calculate [Enter Key]

  • Include Formulas [Alt + f]

  • Switch Signs [Alt + s]

  • Zero Out [Alt + z]

  • Include Blanks [Alt + b]

  • Hardcode Numbers [Alt + r]

 SideKick Resides Perfectly in the Formulas Tab

Since SideKick is just one button, I didn't want to create a whole new tab so I decided to place the SideKick button inside the Formulas tab.

I highly recommend that you also include SideKick in your QAT (Quick Access Toolbar). By having SideKick reside in your QAT, you can call SideKick every time you need him from your keyboard. The keyboard shortcut to call a QAT button is the Alt key and a number (based on button order in the QAT). For example, in the below diagram, you could use the keyboard shortcut Alt+3 to call SideKick. This is because Sidekick is the 3rd button in the QAT.

In order to add SideKick to the QAT, simply right-click on the SideKick button and select Add To Quick Access Toolbar. You can then move the SideKick button into a different position within the QAT by right-clicking on the SideKick button again and selecting Customize The Quick Access Toolbar. It's that simple!

Add sidekick to your quick access toolbar in Excel

Customize Your SideKick Defaults

By clicking the gear icon, you can navigate to the SideKick settings.  Within the settings, you can choose your default amount and also the size of the SideKick button within the Formulas tab.

Sidekick default settings
30 days moneyback guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I'm so confident you will love this add-in, I'm willing to give you 30 days from your purchase date to decide if this is the tool for you. If you come to the conclusion that SideKick was not what you were expecting, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money back.  So what's there to lose? Now is your opportunity to start saving time every day as you clean up and manipulate your data to get your numbers in an "apples-to-apples" view. Click the Buy Now button below to quickly get your hands on this amazingly simple yet powerful Excel add-in!

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