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Why its vital to track your vehicle

I am a HUGE advocate of understanding how your hard-earned money is spent. And as you can imagine with my background in Finance, I track all aspects of my family's expenses. I am so excited to be able to share this expense log that has helped me keep track of my vehicles over the past three years. I have painstakingly gone through every aspect of this spreadsheet's structure to turn it from a functional personal file to a full-fledged product that anyone can use and understand.

Your vehicle is typically one of the most used and most expensive assets that you will own throughout your life. Understanding the financial impact your vehicle has can literally save you thousands of dollars. I have personally used this tracker for years to help me understand what I have and have not done to my vehicles.

Here are just some of the reasons why it is extremely beneficial to track your vehicle expenses:

  • You can prevent getting ripped off on repairs by looking back and seeing what you paid in the past for the same repair

  • You will know if you have accomplished milestone maintenance items such as engine flushes, so you don't accidentally pay for them twice

  • You have a printable log of your vehicle's history which will add value and assurance to your vehicle when you try to resell it

  • You will have reminders of warranties and where to go to take advantage of them

There are many more benefits to tracking your vehicle expenses, but those previous four points have saved me a tremendous about of money and have given me confidence during my trips to the mechanic. Knowledge is truly power!

It's never been easier to log expenses

I am all about keeping things as simple as possible. Through the years I have personally used this log spreadsheet, I have narrowed down the pieces of information to just 5 fields of data you truly need. Immediately after you have a repair done, all you need to do is take your receipt to your computer and log these 5 things

  1. The Mileage on the invoice

  2. The Date of the repair

  3. A Description stating what all was done

  4. The Cost you paid

  5. Who did the repair (ie the Vendor)

That's it! It takes less than a minute of your time and it will drastically make you more confident throughout the ownership of your vehicle(s).

Here is how a vehicle log looks in this spreadsheet:

Example of vehicle expense and maintence tracker for Excel
An Amazing Dashboard

There's a reason why dashboards have grown in popularity over the years, it's because they can instantly tell you a story without having to navigate through a sea of numbers. The dashboard in the myVehicles expense log allows you to see important information about the vehicle of your choosing without having to dig through your recorded data.

This dashboard is completely dynamic! That means no matter how many vehicles you have (even you Jay Leno!), the dashboard will be able to adapt and give you access to your data.

My Vehicles dashboard in excel, shows expenses, miles, payments, and more.
Pick the Version for you.

There are two versions of this template available to download. Skim down through the Feature Grid below, so you can determine which version is right for you!

My Vehicles Excel template pricing table.
System compatibility requirements

The myVehicle expense log spreadsheet is compatible with Excel versions 2007 and later (even Excel 2016!). This file does use VBA for some of the enhanced features. This means you need to enable or allow macros to run while using the spreadsheet.

Currently, the file does not function on Mac versions of Microsoft Excel. Leave a comment in the Review section below if you want to see this spreadsheet ported to a Mac version.

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