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Compatibility: PC Only | Excel 2007 or later (including Office 365 Desktop) | Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

License: Up To 3 of your personal devices per single license

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Introducing The Add-in That Will FOREVER Change The Way You Format!

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What's your brand

We all have a brand, an identity that allows others to instantly recognize our work. This simple philosophy is a part of the identity of every single company on Earth. Unfortunately, chances are the colors you use the most are NOT found within Excel's default color pallet. Wouldn't it be great if you could store the colors and formats you use the most, so you wouldn't have to fool around with color codes, centering text, or bolding your font? Manually doing these things can now be a thing of the past with the use of the Excel spreadsheet add-in called myBrand.

The default color pallet in Excel don't have most brand colors.
Stop wasting time formatting your colors in Excel
Manually entering RGB codes in Excel are a pain.

The main inspiration for creating this add-in came from the amount of time I would waste entering the RGB color codes into my Excel spreadsheets. This grew to be quite irritating when there were anywhere from 4 to 7 specific color codes I was required to use in my spreadsheet reports. Not only was it a pain to incorporate specific colors into the spreadsheet, but it was also difficult to find good complimenting shading colors that went with the brand. Here are examples of what you can create with the myBrand add-in with just a few seconds, turning dull into impressive:

Before and After customizing your spreadsheet with MyBrand Excel Add-in.
Your Brand Colors Instantly

The myBrand add-in allows you to instantly format cells just the way you want them. You not only can change the fill color, but also change the text alignment, boldness, and even the color of the text. All of these features can be completely customized in any combination of your choosing.

You can save up to 9 different brand formats with the myBrand Excel add-in. A simple userform (shown on the right) allows you to modify a number of formatting options. A live color preview is available, allowing you to know exactly what color & format you will be getting.

The myBrand add-in has Adaptable Ribbon Icons, which means your buttons will change based on the colors you save. This is vital because it allows you to easily know what each button on your Excel Ribbon does.

How to add and modify your brand colors in Excel for quick formating.

Customize myBrand To Fit Your Specific Brand!

Here are just a few examples of how you can tailor the add-in's Ribbon appearance and functionality to fit your brand's specific setup:

Customization options for the ribbon appearance of your brand in Excel
Keep on clicking

Each brand format button allows you to rotate between three separate formats. If you click the button once, you will get the format you originally stored. If you click a second time, the cell fill color will be applied to the cell's text (with the cell's fill color being removed). Finally, if you click a third time, the cell format will go back to a normal "General" cell format. 

This key feature allows for even more formatting options at a click of a button!

Click multiple times to cycle through the formatting options.
Get complementary color shades.

The myBrand add-in has the ability to apply darker or lighter shades of a color. Simply select a cell or shape and click either the Darken, Lighten, or Double Lighten buttons to create perfect complementary color shades. myBrand has two sets of built-in color algorithms you can choose from to get the best shading results for your particular branding colors.

MyBrand color shades.
Your logos at your fingertips

The myBrand add-in can have up to 3 logo buttons where you can instantly bring an image or logo into your spreadsheet. There are also settings available to automatically resize your logos, allowing for you to have a perfect size! You can even load custom icons into myBrand so your ribbon buttons visually represent the logo images they insert.

Adding a logo to your spreadsheets are easy now with MyBrand.

You can also choose to have your logo buttons add your image to the footer or header of any selected spreadsheet tabs. Just like the import to spreadsheet option, you can resize your header or footer logo so it is the perfect size when printed or exported as a PDF.

Even more features
  1. Adhoc Color - Pull and Store the fill color of a cell or shape anytime you want with the Eyedropper. You can then apply that color to anything your select. This is great for one-off colors that you need to use on an ad-hoc basis

  2. Table Formats - Create an outline around your data with the same color as your heading. Click again to add interior horizontal lines within your data set

  3. Totals Formats - Cycle through 3 different total formats to quickly call out a subtotal for your data set

  4. White Dividers - Use white space to divide your cells and create a professionally appealing effect for the headings of your data

  5. Thick Underlines - Pull the fill color of the first cell in your selection and underline the entire selection with that color

More features of MyBrand Excel Add-in.
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A Free 14-Day Trial Just For You

I personally couldn't live without this add-in but I can understand if you think you may not use it. That is why I am willing to provide you with a trial version of this add-in so you can try it completely free for 2 weeks. I don't lock down any of the features, so you have complete access to every functionality! Download the Free 14-Day Trial here.

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I'm so confident you will love this add-in, I'm willing to give you 30 days from your purchase date to decide if this is the tool for you. If you come to the conclusion that myBrand was not what you were expecting, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money back.  So what's there to lose? Now is your opportunity to pick up this revolutionary add-in and start formatting your reports and models in seconds. Click the Buy Now button below to quickly get your hands on this amazingly simple yet powerful Excel add-in!

Add-in Licensing

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Companies may choose to purchase multiple licenses (add-in units) in a single order. Once the license codes are distributed and activated, they will be tied to the respective users. Companies may contact TheSpreadsheetGuru via email in order to transfer licenses in the event an employee leaves the company or no longer needs the product's functionality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns surrounding the licensing process.

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