Current Version: Version 2.1

Compatibility: PC Only | PowerPoint 2007 or later (including Office 365 Desktop) | Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

License: Up To 3 of your personal devices per single license

help-page: Guru Tab Help Page

Introducing The Add-in That Will FOREVER Change The Way You Work With PowerPoint

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What The Add-in Ribbon Looks Like

This add-in resides in a PowerPoint tab called "Guru" and is positioned just after the Home tab because trust me, you're going to use it a lot!

Guru ribbon tab add-in for powerpoint

Game-Changing Features!

  1. PasteSpecial Buttons

  2. Swap Pasting - 1 for 1 replacement pasting

  3. Custom Slide Status Tags

  4. Create your own buttons for text boxes, shapes, & callouts you use regularly (up to 12)

  5. Add your preferred colors to the Recent Colors menu

  6. Buttons To export to PDF in a variety of ways (selected slides, include comments, etc...)

  7. Attach to email (in various PDF and PowerPoint file types)

  8. You can undo anything

  9. And much, much more!!!

Swap your images one for one

What This Feature Does

The Swap buttons are amazing tools that allow you to quickly update your PowerPoint images when you need to replace, modify, or update them on a regular basis. Gone are the days of painfully resizing and repositioning your images. Swap does it all for you!

In the below example, we are swapping out some newly formatted charts in Excel into our PowerPoint presentation. All we have to do is copy the chart from Excel, select the target image we want to swap in PowerPoint, and click the Swap button in the Guru Tab. The old chart is automatically deleted and the new one is perfectly placed 1-for-1 in its place. No resizing, no repositioning!

How the Guru Tab for Powerpoint works

The Quick & Simple Steps To Swap

  1. Copy your new Excel Chart or Excel Range

  2. Go to your PowerPoint and select your old image

  3. Click the Swap button

Why Are There Two Buttons? (One for Pictures and One for Charts)

That is a great question! The simple answer is that Chart objects paste better in certain PasteSpecial types than other objects (like an Excel Range or a Shape). Because of this, I felt it was vital to have two buttons where you could easily call two of your preferred PasteSpecial types.

Changing default paste types in PowerPoint
Alignment made easy

What Features Are Available?

There are a variety of alignment and positioning capabilities built-in to the Guru Tab.

All the features in the Guru tab for PowerPoint add-in.

What Is The Dimensioner?

The Dimensioner is a floating userform tool that allows you to read-in sizes and positions of selected objects and applies those "dimensions" to other objects that you select.

The dimensioner userform for PowerPoint

An Example

Let's say you wanted 4 charts on your slide to all be the same size. You can use the Dimensioner to read in your desired size of one chart and then apply that size to the rest of the charts. Take a look at the Dimensioner in action!

An example of how to use Guru tab for PowerPoint

Notice how you can manipulate other images based on the properties read into the Dimensioner for the initially selected object. You can even apply dimensions across multiple slides based on the Object Name, allowing you to ensure titles, footers, or logos are exactly the same size and in the same position on the slide.

Current Progress Status of Your Slides

What This Feature Does

PowerPoint Slide status buttons

The Slide Status buttons allow you to easily keep track of the slides in your presentation to tell whether they have been worked on, needs review, or are ready to go. You can use the default format of the buttons that come with the Guru Tab or you can completely customize them to match your preferred text or look & feel.

Watch How Easy The Slide Tags Are To Use!

How to add slide status tags to PowerPoint Slides

Customize Your Slide Status Tags

Default slide tags

The Guru Tab gives you the ability to change the following properties of the Status Tags:

  • Text

  • Location on the Slide

  • Format

  • Size

All you have to do is CREATE a shape that you want to use, POSITION it on the slide where you want it to show up, and SAVE the format through the Modify Formats button. You can even change the button name that appears on the PowerPoint Ribbon!

Custom Callout Graphics

What This Feature Does

Do you ever find yourself creating the same text boxes over and over again? Like a "Draft" or "Placeholder" label for your slides? Or even a Red Box to call out something important on the slide? This headache inspired me to come up with a way to easily create customizable buttons that could re-create these simple callouts.

Here's How To Create Your Own:

How to do custom callout graphics in PowerPoint

Export, Attach, Save as PDF
Export, PDF, or Email

What These Features Do

The Guru Tab add-in offers a variety of options to export or save your PowerPoint presentation quickly. Have you faced one of these scenarios?

  • You need to email a couple of pertinent slides from your presentation to someone

  • Your manager is on a flight and needs a PDF copy of your presentation sent to him to view on his iPad

  • You need to break your presentation up into 3 different PowerPoint files

All of these scenarios and more can be handled by the Guru Tab's a single click or a combination of the Export, PDF, and Email through Outlook buttons!

Export Slides Button:

  • Export your selected slides into a brand new PowerPoint file

Save As PDF Options:

  • Save the entire Presentation as a PDF

  • Save the entire Presentation including Notes as a PDF

  • Save only the selected slides as a PDF

  • Save only the selected slides including Notes as a PDF

Attach To New Outlook Message Options:

  • Attach the Presentation as a PowerPoint file

  • Attach selected slides as a PowerPoint file

  • Attach the Presentation as a PDF file

  • Attach Presentation including Notes as a PDF file

  • Attach selected slides as a PDF file

  • Attach selected slides including Notes as a PDF file

Why is this better? Because you can even rename your attached file!

Even more features

Undo History For Everything

Macros and VBA can be a scary thing because in most cases you cannot undo the actions once they have been executed. The Guru Tab add-in has the ability to undo everything it does on the PowerPoint slides. This will give you piece of mind in the event you do something you didn't want to do!

Color Palette

Many times you are required to use colors in your presentation that match your company's brand or color preferences. The Guru Tab allows you to store up to 10 different RGB color codes and will add them to your PowerPoint presentation’s Recently Used Colors menu.

Color palette for PowerPoint
Keyword Finder in PowerPoint

Keyword Finder

Many companies have specific words or phrases that they or their lawyers don't want them to use in presentations. The Keyword Finder allows you to store a list of all the words or phrases you don't want in your presentation. When you press the Keyword Finder button on the Guru Tab add-in, it will search through all of your text highlighting anything from your stored list in red font. After it has run, you will be notified if it found any words that you shouldn't be using and which slide numbers were affected.

Lots of Settings To Customize Your Experience!

The Guru Tab comes with a bunch of ways to customize how you use the add-in. These settings include:

  • Select Default Buttons so you can quickly use your preferred PasteSpecial option or PDF save method.

  • Ability to input and preview all the RGB color codes used for the Color Palette button.

  • Pick a folder location for your Guru Tab Settings. If placed on a shared drive, you could potentially share the same formats for your callouts, slide status tags, and various other settings across your team or company.

Customizing settings for PowerPoint
Not sure, how about a test run?

A Free 14-Day Trial Just For You

I personally couldn't live without this add-in but I can understand if you think you may not use it. That is why I am willing to provide you with a trial version of this add-in so you can try it completely free for 2 weeks. I don't lock down any of the features, so you have complete access to every functionality! 

The Spreadsheet Guru Guarantee

Free Future Updates

As with all purchased products sold by TheSpreadsheetGuru, you don't have to worry about purchasing too early! After you purchase this add-in, you will be placed on an exclusive updates email list where you will directly receive any update made to this product.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident you will love this add-in, I'm willing to give you 30 days from your purchase date to decide if this is the tool for you. If you come to the conclusion that this add-in was not what you were expecting, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money back.  

So what's there to lose? Now is your opportunity to pick up this revolutionary add-in that will change the way your interact with PowerPoint. Click the Buy Now button below to quickly get your hands on this amazingly powerful PowerPoint add-in!

Add-in Licensing

Each license purchased (ie add-in unit) of this product is licensed for use by 1 user. This single user may activate this product on up to three of his/her computing devices to account for future equipment refreshes or working at home. If users are found attempting to share licenses, we reserve the right to terminate add-in functionality immediately.

Companies may choose to purchase multiple licenses (add-in units) in a single order. Once the license codes are distributed and activated, they will be tied to the respective users. Companies may contact TheSpreadsheetGuru via email in order to transfer licenses in the event an employee leaves the company or no longer needs the product's functionality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns surrounding the licensing process.

What Are You Waiting For?!

The Guru Tab PowerPoint add-in was built for people who spend a lot of time creating PowerPoint presentations for their company.

  • Gone are the days when you spend TONS of time trying to align objects perfectly on your slides!

  • Gone are the days when you can't remember if a slide has been worked on or not!

  • Gone are the days of meaningless clicking to save your presentation as a PDF or attach it as an email!

This add-in has forever changed the way I interact with PowerPoint and I'm sure it will do the same for you! Pick up a copy of this one-of-a-kind add-in today and start letting Guru Tab make your life easier!

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