Current Version: Version 1.2

Compatibility: PC Only | Excel 2007 or later (including Office 365 Desktop) | Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

License: Up To 3 of your personal devices per single license

help-page: AutoChart Help

Introducing The Add-in That Will FOREVER Change The Way You Work With Charts

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Work with Charts alot?

Creating charts in Excel is a great way to bring visualization to your data. It is often the best way to quickly draw conclusions about trends and points of interest. For that very reason, it is vital that analysts have the ability to develop and manipulate charts to tell a story.

I'm sure you've been in situations before where much is wanted and time is short. Have you ever faced similar scenarios?

  • You need to create charts for all 50 of your Store’s sales for the past three months for a meeting in 30 minutes.

  • Someone from another department sends you charts to add to your presentation but the colors they used don't match the rest of the charts you've already created

  • Your boss wants the Y-axis removed and a legend inserted for all your charts analyzing client trends

  • It's budget time and you need to add next year's data to all your charts, effectively extending each of the chart series 12 more months

While Excel makes it super easy to create and edit a single chart, it can be quite cumbersome to manipulate a whole bunch of charts, especially if time is of the essence! Luckily, with the AutoChart Excel add-in, you can accomplish all those scenarios above and more within minutes not hours!

Let's take a look at what AutoChart can do for you!

AutoChart for Excel
Replicate Charts

Creating the same chart over and over again can be a real pain and waste a TON of time! With the Replicate Charts button, you can create 100 different charts in mere seconds!

Take this example. You need to create a chart for each of your company's stores....and your company owns a lot of stores! With the AutoChart add-in you can simply create your first chart and format it just the way your want it and then use the Replicate button to create the rest of the charts. No need to re-link the chart series or chart title. The add-in does all the work for you!

Replicating charts in excel with the AutoChart Add-in

How It Works

The trick to quickly replicating your charts lies in the structure of your source data. The Replicate Charts button relies on the chart data being spaced predictably row-by-row (or column-by-column). By creating the first chart at the beginning of your data set, AutoChart can then continue down the rows of data creating however many charts you wish.

To get the replicated charts created exactly how you want them, a dialog box will appear asking how exactly you want your charts adjusted and spread out across the spreadsheet. The Replicate functionality will even adjust the formulas in your Series Names and Chart Title if you want it to!

How AutoChart for Excel works

The Extend Chart(s) button allows you to expand or compress all of the chart series ranges within your selection by a given number. This functionality is extremely useful when you need to add another year’s worth of data to your chart or quickly create different chart views on the fly.

All you need to do is

  1. Select your target chart(s)

  2. Click the Extend Chart(s) button

  3. Input how many cells you want to increase/decrease the series range

You can perform this function with a single chart or multiple selected charts at once! Essentially allowing you to perform your series range adjustments within a few seconds.

Extend selected chart series with the AutoChart add-in
Clean up formatting

Do you find yourself always removing or adding certain elements to your charts every time you create one? Chances are you don't like Excel's default chart format or presets. With AutoChart, you can use the built-in Simple Clean button to tidy up your charts or create up to 10 custom presets.

Quickly Clean Up Your Charts

The built-in Simple Clean preset allows you to modify the following chart features with the click of a button:

  • Title Position (or choose to remove it)

  • Legend Position (or choose to remove it)

  • Remove Gridlines

  • Remove Chart Border

  • Add A Transparent Fill

  • Remove Line Markers

Clean up charts quickly

Simple Clean In Action!

Below on the left is an example of a default Excel chart format upon creation. By selecting the new chart and clicking the Clean Chart option within AutoChart, you can quickly modify a few of the chart elements to get them the way you like.

Before and after AutoCharts simple clean function

Create Your Own Presets!

If the Simple Clean preset does not fulfill your formatting needs, you can easily create your own chart preset (up to 10)!

  1. Create a chart that is formatted just the way you want it

  2. Click the Clean Chart Create/Edit button

  3. Give your preset a name

  4. Click the Save Preset button

After you save a preset, a new button will appear in your Clean Chart drop-down menu. And of course, if you have a favorite preset you can make it your default preset so you don't have to select it from the drop-down menu each time.

A Custom Clean Preset In Action!

Let's take that same Excel chart we started with before and apply a custom preset that we made to get the graph formatted specifically the way we want it. Again, with the click of a button, you can transform the default Excel format into your preferred format. This can literally shave off 10 minutes of formatting time per every single chart you need to format!

Custom clean presets in AutoChart
Brand all your charts

The AutoChart Excel Add-in allows you to store up to 12 separate RGB color codes to create your own branding preset. Simply add the RGB color codes to the Settings Userform and you are ready to go apply branding to all those charts your co-workers don't take time to format properly.

Custom brand colors

You can even brand all your charts at once! Just select the ones you want to brand and click the Brand Series button. Magically, all your selected chart series share the exact colors you want them to... no matter what chart type they are

Before and after the brand series function with AutoChart
Not sure, how about a test run?

A Free 14-Day Trial Just For You

I personally couldn't live without this add-in but I can understand if you think you may not use it. That is why I am willing to provide you with a trial version of this add-in so you can try it completely free for 2 weeks. I don't lock down any of the features, so you have complete access to every functionality! 

The spreadsheet Guru guarantee

Free Future Updates

As with all purchased products sold by TheSpreadsheetGuru, you don't have to worry about purchasing too early! After you purchase this add-in, you will be placed on an exclusive updates email list where you will directly receive any update made to this product.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident you will love this add-in, I'm willing to give you 30 days from your purchase date to decide if this is the tool for you. If you come to the conclusion that this add-in was not what you were expecting, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money back.  

So what's there to lose? Now is your opportunity to pick up this revolutionary add-in and start manipulating all your charts in seconds. Click the Buy Now button below to quickly get your hands on this amazingly simple yet powerful Excel add-in!

Add-in Licensing

Each license purchased (ie add-in unit) of this product is licensed for use by 1 user. This single user may activate this product on up to three of his/her computing devices to account for future equipment refreshes or working at home. If users are found attempting to share licenses, we reserve the right to terminate add-in functionality immediately.

Companies may choose to purchase multiple licenses (add-in units) in a single order. Once the license codes are distributed and activated, they will be tied to the respective users. Companies may contact TheSpreadsheetGuru via email in order to transfer licenses in the event an employee leaves the company or no longer needs the product's functionality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns surrounding the licensing process.

What Are You Waiting For?!

The AutoChart Excel add-in was built to handle creating, modifying, and formatting any of your selected charts in seconds.

  • Gone are the days when you need to repeat the same mind-numbing tweaks to your charts to get them looking exactly the same!

  • Gone are the days of readjusting every chart series to line up with the proper data!

  • Gone are the days of clicking through every chart series and changing its colors to line up with the rest of your charts!

This add-in has forever changed the way I interact with Excel charts and I'm sure it will do the same for you! Pick up a copy of this one-of-a-kind add-in today and start letting AutoChart do the work for you!

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