PC & Mac Financial Currency Keyboard Shortcuts

By Chris Newman •  Updated: 01/04/15 •  1 min read
Microsoft Windows Apple Macintosh Currency Keyboard Shortcut Guide

Shortcuts For Currencies

Labeling your data is extremely important as it increases the comprehensibility and decreases false assumptions.  As world markets become increasingly globalized, chances are you deal in two or more world currencies or even in foreign exchange markets.  Ensuring you have the proper signs associated with the data you are working with is vitally important as misunderstanding currencies can alter decision making by millions!

Below is a list of all the currency symbol shortcuts I could find.  I have listed out both the PC and Mac versions for each symbol (where applicable).

Symbol NamePC ShortcutMac Shortcut
$Dollar SignShift + 4Shift + 4
¢CentAlt + 155Option + 4
EuroAlt + 0128Shift + Option + 2
£British PoundAlt + 156Option + 3
¥Japanese YenAlt + 157Option + Y
ƒDutch FlorinAlt + 0131Option + F
Spanish PesetaAlt + 158N/A
ƒFrench FrancAlt + 159N/A
¤CurrencyAlt + 0164N/A

Any Others?

Do you know any other symbol shortcuts that can be added to this list?  Please leave a comment below and I will add it to my list.

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