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Compatibility: PC Only | Office Versions 2007 or later| Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

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It Happens To The Best Of Us...

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Have you ever forgotten an Excel or VBA project password?  

Did someone leave your company and can't be reached to provide you with their passwords?  

These types of situations seem to happen all too often in our corporate and personal lives and sometimes they can lead to DISASTERS!  A Janrain study found that nearly 2 in 5 people have to ask for assistance in remembering either a username or password every single month.  Unique passwords take a lot of effort to keep track of and it's easy to mix them up when it seems every computer application requires some sort of log-in nowadays.

Imagine spending hours on an in-depth financial forecasting model and losing the password to unlock it's worksheets and make critical changes to the formulas.  Without that access, you may be left spending the next week (or even month) trying to recreate your glorious model that was so good at pumping out such accurate forecasts for your company.  Luckily, this Excel add-in can relieve your stress in seconds as your precious spreadsheets are quickly and easily unlocked so you can re-gain access to all your valuable data and formulas.

How Can I Recover My Spreadsheet Passwords?

This state-of-the-art Excel add-in allows you to recover your access to workbook and worksheet-level protection in any file protected by Excel 2003, 2007, or 2010. It does not matter which Excel program you open the protected file with (this means you can use this add-in inside Excel 2013), it only matters that the worksheet or workbook-level protection was added by Excel 2003-2010.

Excel File Level Protection Warning

At its essence, this is a very straightforward add-in.  All the Ribbon buttons in the Password Recovery add-in do what they say to the currently open workbook or worksheet.  Have a look at all the amazing scenarios the Password Recovery add-in can handle.

Version 1.2 Is Here!

I'm excited to announce that we have added few new features to the Password Recovery Excel add-in based on feedback from current users. Here's a list of what was recently added:

  • Protection Map - This button will create a spreadsheet (in a new workbook) that provides you with specific protection information associated with each worksheet in the ActiveWorkbook

  • Protect Sheets - With this button, you can protect all of the sheets in your workbook but enable any outline functionality; allowing your users to expand and collapse any grouping of cell columns or rows

  • Application Events - This button will allow you to enable or disable VBA event handlers. This is important because there can be VBA code triggered by certain actions that you as the user might do (ie activating a worksheet)

  • Show/Hide Sheet Tabs - This button will allow you to unhide the area where you select the various tabs within your Excel workbook. This can be handy if you unlock a dashboard that has all of the tab navigation hidden.

Everyone who had previously purchased the add-in, received the updated version for free via email!


Regain Access To Your VBA Projects!

VBA coding can be critical in automating laborious and repetitive processes.  Typically throughout the years those processes change and your VBA code needs to be tweaked or even overhauled completely!  Unfortunately employees leave, passwords get lost, and minds forget. This can be a horrific problem if you are in a time crunch or don't remember how you coded something.  Save yourself the hassle and instantly regain access to your VBA code with the click of a button! This button works with ANY Excel VBA project that was protected solely with Excel, NO MATTER which Excel version it was saved with (this includes Excel 365!).

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is only allowed to be used to unlock VBA code you personally wrote/own. It will not bypass protection from third-party software (ie Unviewable protection) and should not be used to hack into other peoples code (which is illegal!).

Compatible PowerPoint & Word Bonus Add-ins!

Included with this Excel add-in, you will receive the Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint versions of the Password Recovery add-in. These two add-ins will let you instantly gain access to your protected VBA projects within their respective applications.  These two programs together are valued at $20 and you will get them for FREE with the purchase of the Excel version!

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Re-protect Your Worksheet Or Workbook

Long Story Short:  With Excel 2003-2010 password protection, there are multiple passwords that can unlock your worksheet or workbook. While the Password Recovery add-in may not be able to provide you with the exact password that was used to protect your file, it can provide you with one that is equal (in Excel's eyes) to the original password.  Let's look at a scenario.

Your boss Bob protects an Excel file in Excel 2010 that provides critical financial data.  The password to modify the worksheets is BobRocks123.

Bob is on vacation to a remote island in the Caribbean and cannot be reached for the week.  You are tasked with covering your boss's critical work for the entire week.  

It's Monday morning and you are ready to get to work in Bob's Excel file but you lost the password he gave you to access it!  Luckily you don't panic for too long because you have the Password Recovery add-in right at your finger tips.  You quickly navigate to the worksheet you need to unlock and you click the Unprotect ActiveSheet button in your Excel Ribbon.  You then almost instantly receive the following message box:

Excel Password Protection Removal and Recovery Add-ins - Alternative Password

You write down the password AAABBABBABB on a Post-It note and get to work on Bob's spreadsheet.  After you are done updating the tab's, you use the password that your Password Recovery add-in found (AAABBABBABB) to re-protect the worksheets.  Since in Excel's eyes BobRocks123 is the same as typing in AAABBABBABB (if you don't believe me, try it in Excel 2007-2010), your boss Bob will never realize you had an irresponsible moment and lost his password.

Excel Password Protection Removal and Recovery Add-ins - Multiple Worksheets At Once

Recover Multiple Worksheet Passwords

The Password Recovery add-in will produce a separate file with a summary of it's finding during the un-protecting of multiple worksheets.  As you can see below, an explanation of each specific worksheet is given, displaying what action (if any) was taken.  There is also a link provided for a Ribbon Commander add-in that can handle removing Excel 2013 password protected worksheets.

Instant Access To Help From Your Ribbon

The Password Recovery ribbon add-in has built-in links to bring you directly to the most up-to-date information on how to use your add-in. Simply click the Help button drop down and navigate to the Add-in Help Pages section.  When you click the Guru icon you will be taken to the online help page for your add-in where you will learn all about the functionalities of the Password Recovery Excel add-in.  Examples include how to install and uninstall the add-in file.  You can check out the help page here.

No .EXE or .MSI File Needed

Many companies take preventative measures in what can and cannot be installed on their computers.  The Password Recovery VBA Add-in is an .XLAM file and does not need to run an Executable File (.EXE or .MSI) to install.  So as long as your company allows VBA to run on your PC, you should be able to easily run the Password Recovery add-in to your computer.


A Generous License

With the purchase of the Password Removal add-in your license agreement will permit you to download the add-in on up to 5 of your own personal computing devices.  You will receive your licensing code immediately upon purchase via email and you can enter your unique code by clicking on the License button in your Password Removal add-in's ribbon.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I'm so confident you will love this add-in, I'm willing to give you 30 days from your purchase date to decide if this is the tool for you. If you come to the conclusion that the Password Recovery add-in was not what you were expecting, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money back.  So what's there to lose? Now is your opportunity to prevent those unfortunate situations where you are locked out of your precious Excel files when you need them the most! Click the Buy Now button below to quickly get your hands on the Password Recovery add-in!

Excel Password Protection Removal and Recovery Add-ins - Money Back Guarantee

A Quick Recap

Password Recovery Add-in Features Recap

Password Removal Add-in Disclaimer

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