Installing This Add-in Inside Excel

The key to getting the myBrand Excel add-in installed correctly is to ensure that both the .xlam file and the folder named myBrand Add-in Icons are saved within the same parent folder. This is crucial because the myBrand add-in needs to know where to store and pull in your custom brand colors and logos. 

The video to the right will show you exactly what to do to get up in running!

Entering Your License Code

  1. Click the Settings Dialog Launcher button

  2. Select the Key icon near the top right of the Settings Userform

  3. Enter in the License Code provided to you via your download email

  4. Read the End User License Agreement and click the I Accept & Activate button

Receiving Future Updated Versions

There may be future update releases of the myBrand add-in with bug fixes or additional features. These updated files will be sent with the default preset settings. Do not worry though, as there is a way to recover your last saved settings. Follow these steps immediately after opening the updated version of the myBrand add-in for the first time.

  1. Immediately open your Settings by clicking the Settings Dialog Launcher

  2. Click the Recovery button in the bottom left-hand corner of the userform (you should then see your previous settings appear)

  3. In order for your settings to be saved you must then click the Save & Close button

Recover myBrand Previous Settings

Creating/Modifying Your Brand Formats (Up to 9 presets)

To create or modify your 9 formatting buttons you will need to do the following:

  1. Click the Settings Dialog Launcher button

  2. Select a row within the Brand Colors Table you wish to modify

  3. Click the Wrench Icon to edit your selected row

  4. In the Modify Color userform you can customize to the format of your liking and then click the Save Color button when you are finished

  5. Finally, click the Save & Close button in the Settings userform to save all your modifications

Adding Your Logos To The myBrand Add-in

The myBrand Add-in In Action!

The Color Shading Buttons

There are three shading buttons you can use to achieve various shades of a given color.

  • Darken - Modifies the selected color 1 shade darker

  • Lighten - Modifies the selected color 1 shade lighter

  • Double Lighten - Modifies the selected color 2 shades lighter

These shading buttons work with selection of any of the following spreadsheet objects:

  • Cell Fill

  • Chart Series Fill Color (Bar, Line, Pie, etc...)

  • Shapes (including arrows & lines)

  • Text of a Textbox or Shape with no fill color

There are two shading algorithms available in the myBrand add-in which can be set in the Settings userform. The difference between the two algorithms is one is fully reversible (meaning you can shade up or down and always be able to return to the exact same RGB color codes). Then Non-reversible algorithm with return to a slightly different color code when attempting to revert back to the original color. 

The reason for two algorithms is that not all colors will shade properly with the Reversible algorithm. Certain colors will appear to change in brightness instead of shade color. Below is and example of this occurring:


In most cases the Reversible algorithm will work just fine, however you have the option to switch if the result of the color you are trying to shade is not as intended. To turn on the Reversible shading algorithm take the following actions:

  1. Click the Settings Dialog Launcher button

  2. Check the Reverse Shades checkbox

  3. Click the Save & Close button

The Total Border Button

The White Dividers Button

The Border Around Button

The Under Border Button