Simple List of National Parks In The United States

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Complete list of all National Parks within the United States made for Excel

Why I Made This National Park List

For a consulting project, I grew tired of searching for a well-formatted web page where I could easily grab a list of the names of the national parks in the United States and drop them into your Excel spreadsheet.

So I took matters into my own hands and have painstakingly listed out the park names, their two-letter state abbreviations, established date, and acreage size. All this data is listed with the intent of copying them from the list and pasting them into Excel. That’s it! No reformatting, no weird spacing, no removing hyperlinks, notta! And yes, you are most certainly welcome :)

Note: A few parks were established in the 1800s. Unfortunately, Excel date values start on 1/1/1900 so you will get an error value from the 1800 dates. If you would like to learn more about this there is a great ExcelUser article that describes a workaround and potential issues to look out for.

Bonus: I even have a direct download if you want this data already in an Excel Spreadsheet (link below the table).

National Parks In The United States

Park NameState(s)Size (Acres)Established
Wrangell - St. EliasAK8,323,14612/2/1980
Gates of the ArcticAK7,523,89712/2/1980
Denali AK4,740,9112/26/1917
Death ValleyCA, NV3,408,39610/31/1994
Glacier Bay AK3,223,38312/2/1980
Lake ClarkAK2,619,81612/2/1980
Yellowstone WY, MT, ID2,219,7913/1/1872
Kobuk ValleyAK1,750,71612/2/1980
Grand CanyonAZ1,201,6472/26/1919
Glacier MT1,013,1265/11/1910
Olympic WA922,6496/29/1938
Big Bend TX801,1636/12/1944
Joshua Tree CA795,15610/31/1994
Kenai FjordsAK669,65012/2/1980
Isle Royale MI571,7904/3/1940
Great Smoky Mountains NC, TN522,4276/15/1934
North CascadesWA504,78110/2/1968
Kings Canyon CA461,9013/4/1940
Sequoia CA404,0639/25/1890
Hawaii Volcanoes HI325,6058/1/1916
Grand Teton WY310,0442/26/1929
Rocky Mountain CO265,8071/26/1915
Channel Islands CA249,5613/5/1980
Capitol ReefUT241,90512/18/1971
Mount RainierWA236,3823/2/1899
Petrified ForestAZ221,39012/9/1962
Crater LakeOR183,2245/22/1902
White SandsNM146,34412/20/2019
Great Sand DunesCO107,3469/24/2004
Lassen VolcanicCA106,5898/9/1916
Guadalupe MountainsTX86,36710/15/1966
Great BasinNV77,18010/27/1986
New River GorgeWV72,34612/27/2020
Theodore RooseveltND70,44711/10/1978
Dry Tortugas FL64,70110/26/1992
Mammoth Cave KY54,0167/1/1941
Mesa VerdeCO52,4856/29/1906
Carlsbad CavernsNM46,7665/14/1930
Bryce CanyonUT35,8352/25/1928
Wind CaveSD33,9711/9/1903
Cuyahoga ValleyOH32,57210/11/2000
Black Canyon of the GunnisonCO30,78010/21/1999
Congaree SC26,69311/10/2003
Indiana DunesIN15,3492/15/2019
Virgin IslandsVI15,0528/2/1956
American SamoaAS8,25710/31/1988
Hot SpringsAR5,5543/4/1921
Gateway ArchMO1932/22/2018

Tips For Pasting This Data Into Microsoft Excel

Here are the steps I take to paste this data quickly and cleanly into Excel

  1. Use ctrl + c and ctrl + v to copy/paste the data from this page into your spreadsheet
  2. Use ctrl + m to Match Destination Formatting (you can do this with your mouse as well which is shown below)
    • This sets the font color to Automatic
    • This adjusts the font size to your default size
Copying a list of states into Excel

Next, you can quickly throw this data into an Excel Table object using shortcut ctrl + t.

Make sure you check the box stating My table has headers before clicking OK in the Create Table dialog box.

Importing a list of states into Excel

Viola! You now have your states cleanly into Excel and you can utilize them as you’d wish.

Any Other Data Lists You Would Like to See?

Let me know in the comments section if there are other common listings you’d like me to generate for ease of use. In this day and age, it shouldn’t be this complicated to grab these sorts of listings cleanly from the internet!

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