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Number Formats Excel Addin

Current Version: Version 1.0 (with Icon Library 1.0)

Compatibility: PC Only | MS Office 2007 and Later | Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

Installing This Add-in Inside Excel

Saving The Icons Folder

When you unzip the Number Formats Add-in.zip file you will notice that there is a .xlam file and a folder called “Number Format Add-in”. Within this folder there is a subfolder called “Icons” with a variety of icons you can use in the add-in.

You will need to save the Number Format Add-in folder within the same folder as you save the .xlam file.

The below hierarchy visualizes how your folders need to be setup:

Folder Hierarchy

Installing the .xlam File

The Number Formats add-in installs just like any normal Excel add-in (.xlam) file. If this is your first time installing an Excel add-in you can view step-by-step instructions on how to get the file set up in this instructional post:

How to Install and Uninstall A VBA Add-in File For Microsoft Office

Entering Your License Code

  1. Click the Settings Dialog Launcher button
  2. Select the Key icon near the top right of the Settings Userform
  3. Enter in the License Code provided to you via your download email
  4. Read the End User License Agreement and click the I Accept & Activate button
Enter License Key

Does Your Numbers Tab Keep Disappearing?

Due to a security update released by Microsoft in July 2016, add-in files you download from the internet are "blocked" by default. To unblock the file or create a "safe" folder location for your add-ins, please read my article to keep your add-ins showing in your Excel Ribbon (it's a pain, but is fast and easy to do!).

Prevent Microsoft Office Add-ins From Disappearing From The Ribbon Interface

Managing Your Format Buttons

The Number Formats Button Manager is a form that allows you to access your existing buttons, create new buttons, and control the order of how the buttons appear on the Excel Ribbon.

  • Up Arrow - Move the selected button up one position
  • Down Arrow - Move the selected button up one position
  • New - Create a new button from scratch
  • Copy - Create an exact copy of the selected button (you will need to change the Format Name to be unique)
  • Edit - Modify the existing rules/settings for the selected button (can also double-click the button name)
  • Delete - Remove the selected button from existence
Number Formats Manager

Pro Tip: Double-click a button name to automatically open up the Edit Form.

Creating A Format Button Functionality

  • Format Name - A unique name that will represent your Format button in the Button Manager dialog.
  • Position - Designates the position this button will appear on the Excel Ribbon.
  • Button Label - The text label that will show next to the Format button.
  • Same as Format Name - Check this box if you would like the Format Name and the Button Label to be the same value.
  • Number Format - This is where you will enter in your Custom Number Format rules. You can store up to 3 different rules within a single button. Rule validation is represented by a green checkmark and a red “X”.
  • Description - The tooltip text that will appear when you hover your mouse over the Format button in the Excel Ribbon.
  • Auto-Generate - Check this box if you would like the add-in to automatically create tooltip text for you (you will see a preview of what it looks like in grey font).
  • Alignment - You can incorporate text alignment along with your number format rule. Select “Unchanged” to not apply any alignment to the selected cells.
  • Ribbon Icon - The file name of the icon you would like to appear on the Excel Ribbon for this Format button (click the Folder icon to navigate to your available icon files)
  • Show on Home Tab - Check this box if you would like this button to also appear on Excel’s Home tab.
Edit Number Format

Custom Icon Library

The Number Formats Excel Add-in allows YOU to pick the icons you want representing your number formats. You can use any 16x16 pixel icon saved as a .png file type, however, I have a full library of icons you can download and use to get started. There are a plethora of currency icons available including the Euro, Yen, Rupee, and even Bitcoin. I will continue to gather icon ideas and grow the library over time. All icons will be free for users to download and use however they wish.

If you have any icon suggestions feel free to email me or use the Help Form near the bottom of this page.

Icon Library

Using Quick Math

The Quick Math button allows you to perform a variety of actions to your currently selected spreadsheet cells. You can add a specific number to each cell value, flip negative numbers to positive ones, hardcode formulas, and so much more. Read about each feature in the below graphic.

Quick Math

Number Formats Add-in Settings

The Settings for the Number Formats add-in can be accessed by clicking the arrow button in the bottom right-hand corner of the add-ins Ribbon interface.

Access Settings

There are a variety of settings you can modify to enhance your preferred way of using the Number Formats add-in. Descriptions of each setting are described in the below graphic.

Number Formats Settings

Still Need Help? Ask Away!

I've tried to cover everything I could think of to get your add-in up and running. If I happened to miss something or if you need clarification on something please don't hesitate to contact me directly via the Help form below.

Chris Newman

Chris Newman

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