Behind-The-Scenes Access

I created this section of the website to give you an inside look at what I am currently working on. Why share my plans and give my competitors a clear view into what I'm working on? Because I want to make products that TheSpreadsheetGuru community will use. That is why I have a comments section in each product page within the Guru Lab. I need your feedback while I'm creating these add-ins because I can only go so far guessing what everyone else needs. And as a special thank you, if I use your idea in the final product, you will get your very own copy free! So go ahead, click on something that might pique your interest and let me know what you think!

Tickmark (Excel Add-in)

An add-in geared towards the audit profession, but really anyone can use this tool to create instructions, mark-up models, and provide clear "on-the-fly" explanations to others. Check out what I've already started putting together and let me know if you would like to see additional features!

Guru Tab (PowerPoint Add-in)

Coming Soon!