Excel VBA Macro Code

Excel VBA Code Snippets

Pivot Tables

Dynamically Change A Pivot Table's Data Source Range With This VBA Macro Code

Dynamically Change Every Pivot Table Data Source Range Inside A Workbook With This VBA Macro Code



Make All Charts Plot Non-Visible Cells in Your Excel Workbook



Determining The ActiveShape On Your Spreadsheet With VBA

Adjust Object Positioning Property To All Shapes & Images On Your Excel Worksheet


Dialog Boxes

Standard Input Dialog Box



Loop Through Sheets and Worksheets

Loop Through All Excel Files in a Given Folder

Unhide All Worksheet Tabs in a Workbook at Once

Loop Through Spreadsheet Option Buttons

Loop Through All Currently Open Workbooks And Modify Them

Loop Through All Worksheets In All Currently Open Workbooks

Loop Through & Make Changes To All Excel Charts In The ActiveWorkbook

Break All External Links In Your Excel Workbook


Controls (ie List Box, Combo Box, Scroll Bar)

Reference a Worksheet Textbox

Loop Through All Form Control Checkboxes On Excel Spreadsheet



Cell Fills (Color, Patterns, & Gradients)

Modify Font Format (Color, Bold, Underline, Italicize, Size, & Font Type)

VBA Code to AutoFit Columns

Bold the Last Word of Text in a Cell

Retrieve Excel Cell's Font & Fill RGB Color Code



Function To Determine If Column Heading Exists Inside Excel Table


Removal (Deleting, Clearing, Hiding)

Delete Only Grouped Columns or Rows

Clear Non-Formula Cells

Get Rid of Page Breaks in All Spreadsheets

Find and Replace All with Excel

Delete Blank Cells Or Entire Blank Rows Within A Range

Remove the Last Character from a String

Remove Plus Signs From The Beginning Of Excel Formulas

How To Remove Only Non-Formula Values From Cells



Filter Data With An Excel Table Read Into A VBA Array



The Fastest Way To Convert Numbers Stored As Text To Numbers & Dates

Protect Worksheet But Allow Formatting & Hiding of Rows or Columns

Final All Instances

Custom Order of Worksheet Positions

Wrapping an IFERROR Function around Your Formulas

Insert Single Or Multiple Excel Columns

Insert Single Or Multiple Excel Rows

Selecting Non-Blank Cells In An Excel Column

Highlight All Cells Containing A Specific Value