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My name is Chris Newman and I have been running TheSpreadsheetGuru website since 2015. After much demand, I am now taking on consulting work to help individuals and companies automate their tasks in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

How I Can Help You

I have a very broad knowledge of interacting with Microsoft Office products, VBA, and graphic design. 

Examples of Work I Can Provide

  • Customized Ribbon Add-in For Your Company
  • Automate Copy/Paste from Excel To PowerPoint or Excel to Word
  • VBA code to clean data
  • Designing meaningful Dashboards
  • VBA code to add animations to your PowerPoint Presentations

How Pricing Works

Due to demand and my availability, I have a couple stipulations when I am looking to take on a particular project

  • Project Budget must be at least $1,000 USD
  • I charge a set price after understanding the scope of your project (no charges by the hour)
  • Payments are made 50% up front and 50% after you have received the end result and are completely satisfied
  • I guarantee the end result will run as expected for TWO YEARS. This means if Microsoft releases an update that messes up your project's functionality, I will find a fix for no additional charge.

Feedback from my Services

Chris was very responsive and a pleasure to work with. He was eager to understand the whole project before he started working on a solution, and essentially “got it right” on the first attempt. His solution will save us hours of time when it comes to reporting, and the instructional video he created makes this tool transferable to many of my colleagues. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who does not have the resources to become this proficient in Excel and Office more broadly.
— Ellen Rovelstad (RSG Inc)