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Chris Newman from the Spreadsheetguru.com


My name is Chris Newman and I have been running TheSpreadsheetGuru website since 2015 and have developed 7 Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint add-ins that are currently used by companies across the globe. My background includes over 8 years of financial analysis/management experience with multi-billion dollar companies both in the manufacturing and financial sectors. I have also been awarded the Excel MVP award from Microsoft 6 years in a row (2016- 2021).

After much demand over the years, I am now taking on consulting work to help individuals and companies automate their tasks in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

I currently work full-time doing financial analysis & planning (FP&A) work for a large manufacturing company but have been taking on 1-2 projects during the evenings and weekends. Most of the projects I take on are able to be turned around within 2-3 weeks including delivering drafts along the way for testing. My goal is to always provide you with a deliverable that is easy to understand, automated, and dynamic enough that it won't break down the road when you inevitably make changes. 

Below I will describe what areas I specialize in and how I price the projects I take on.

- How I Can Help You -

I have a very broad knowledge of interacting with Microsoft Office products, VBA, and graphic design. I will not take your project if I don't feel I have the expertise or bandwidth to produce the quality you need. In the event I am not a fit for your project, I do have numerous contacts in the industry I can refer you to. 

Examples of Work I Can Provide

- How Pricing Works -

Due to demand and my availability, I have a couple of stipulations when I am looking to take on a particular project:

 - Feedback from my Services -

“Chris was very responsive and a pleasure to work with. He was eager to understand the whole project before he started working on a solution, and essentially “got it right” on the first attempt. His solution will save us hours of time when it comes to reporting, and the instructional video he created makes this tool transferable to many of my colleagues. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who does not have the resources to become this proficient in Excel and Office more broadly.”

— Ellen Rovelstad (RSG Inc)

- Get In Touch -

If it sounds like I might be a potential fit for your project, please reach out by clicking the CONTACT ME button below. From there you can provide me a description of what you are looking for. If I feel that I can provide the type of skill set you are looking for, I will arrange for a phone call or Skype session so we can go over the project requirements in more detail before I provide you with a quote.

Use Excel Rescue For Smaller Projects

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For smaller budget projects, I highly recommend you check out Excel Rescue. This company specializes in projects at flat rates starting at $97 per task. Excel Rescue has received very good reviews and they also offer a money-back guarantee on their work. Click the button below to navigate to their website.

Excel Rescue Pricing