Printable Blank Calendar Templates For 2023

By Chris Newman •  Updated: 01/05/23 •  4 min read
Simple and modern calendar templates for Excel spreadsheets

Need A Great Spreadsheet Calendar Template?

A spreadsheet calendar in Microsoft Excel can be a helpful tool for managing and organizing schedules, appointments, and other events whether for your personal life or professional endeavors. It allows users to view and manipulate data in a grid-like structure, making it easy to see how different events and tasks overlap and fit into their overall schedule.

Spreadsheet calendars can also be customized and configured to suit the specific needs and preferences of the user. They can be shared and accessed by multiple users, making them a great option for coordinating plans and schedules with others. Additionally, spreadsheet calendars can be easily backed up and saved, ensuring that important dates and events are not lost.

In this article, I will be sharing with you various calendar templates I’ve built for myself. My hope is that this will save you time from having to build your own calendar from scratch. Enjoy!

Blank Calendar Template (One-Pager)

This Excel calendar template was built with the entire year captured within a single spreadsheet tab. It has a very minimalistic and modern format, which makes it perfect to use in a business environment.

This template is static, so it has no formulas and was handcrafted just for the year 2023.


Single-Block Formatted Version

The first tab in this spreadsheet has the calendar built with a single cell for each day to store text or color.

If you need to place line breaks within the calendars text, you can do so by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter to insert a line break.

If you happen to need a quick and easy way to insert a bullet point symbol, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + 7 (note use have to use the 7 key on the 10-key number pad within your keyboard).

Single month calendar in excel

Multi-Row Formatted Version

There is a second spreadsheet tab within this template that has the same calendar format however, each calendar day has 3 rows where you can insert text or add a cell fill color.

Single month calendar with multiple rows per day

Inserting More Text Rows To Your Calendar Template

You can easily insert additional rows into the template by selecting the entire middle row within a particular week, right-clicking the row number, and selecting Insert. The formatting from the above row should carry down seamlessly into your newly inserted row.

Inserting more calendar rows into excel calendar template

Blank Calendar Template (12 Tabs)

If you are looking for a Calendar template with an Excel tab for each individual month, this might be the template for you!

I’ve gone through and set up an Excel file where each individual tab stores the month. This sort of template might be useful if you are looking to fill out a more in-depth template with a larger amount of text.

Calendar spreadsheet template month-to-month

Hopefully, This Article Helped!

My hope is that I was able to provide you with some useful Excel templates to make tracking throughout the year much easier. If you have any additional ideas for calendar templates, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

Chris Newman

Chris Newman

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