Adding Bullet Points To Your Excel Spreadsheet Cells & Text Boxes

By Chris Newman •  Updated: 11/04/15 •  2 min read
Insert Bullet Points Into Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

I've been using bullet points inside Excel A LOT as of late and I thought I would share the many different ways you can insert those nifty little bullets. I have mainly been inserting bullet points inside text box objects within my "Instructions" pages (tabs), but I will list out some ways you can insert bullet points directly into your spreadsheet as well.

Within A Cell

1. Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + 7 (number must be from your number pad) 

2. Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + 0149

3. Copy and paste the below bullet point into your spreadsheet:


4. Use re-sized cells and Icon Fonts (ie Wingdings, Webdings, etc...)

Add Bullet Points With Wingdings Webdings

5. Use a Cell Format rule (copy the following into the Type field:  "•  @" ). You can add spaces before the bullet point in the format rule to add an indentation.

Excel Spreadsheet Cell Format Rule For Bullets

Inside  A Text Box Object

Within a text box, you have a more straight-forward option to add bullet points. Here are the steps to get them inserted.

  1. Right-click in textbox
  2. Select Bullets
  3. Take your pick of any of the presets or customize your bullet points further by clicking Bullets and Numbering
Add Insert Bullet Points Into Excel Text Box

Now You Can Stay Organized!

Bullet points are a great way to make your lists and steps easier to read. My favorite out of the bunch is definitely the Alt+7 keyboard shortcut and it will definitely impress your co-workers when you magically make bullet points appear on the fly.

If there are any other good ways to insert bullet points, feel free to let me know in the comments section below. I would love to continue to add to this list and make it more comprehensive.

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