One Instance When Merging Cells Is Needed!

When you should merge cells in Excel

I am a HUGE advocate of not merging cells as they can cause all sorts of headaches while copy/pasting and running VBA code. I even went as far as to develop a free add-in to add the better solution (Centering Across) to the Excel Ribbon. However, I did run into a scenario where it made sense to take on the potential risks and merge some cells.

One Problem With Centering Across

While dealing with a workbook that was setup similar to the below screenshot, to save space I decided to collapse my monthly columns and just show my Quarterly/Yearly figures (that's all that matters in Corporate America anyways, am I right?!).

But when I collapsed my columns, my header text disappeared! Now for a while I was extremely confused as to why this was occurring, it just didn't make sense to me....

I later found out that my header text was disappearing due to the fact that I was using the Center Across alignment format instead of the Merge & Center format.

When I went ahead and merged the header, collapsing the columns did not force the text to disappear. 

Here was the final setup for my data and as you can see is much easier to see all the different sections without scrolling to the right.