FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil Predictions Excel Spreadsheet Template

A Template Four Years In The Making

It's that time again when the whole world goes crazy following their favorite football players and teams.  In honor of this festive time TheSpreadsheetGuru has teamed up with Spreadsheet1 to provide everyone with an awesome FIFA World Cup Tournament spreadsheet.  This Excel spreadsheet will allow you to fill in your predictions and keep track of the outcomes of the FIFA games.  Spreadsheet1 did an awesome job with the design of this template and has definitely given me a few ideas to incorporate into my own projects.  

A Preview Of The Template

You can click on each Group to view the matches and enter in your predicted scores.  The template automatically calculates the winners of each group and moves them on to the Knockout Stage!

Inside the Knockout section, put your football knowledge to the test and make your final predictions on who will be victorious and bring home the FIFA Word Cup Trophy!

When you download the template, you will receive two files in a zipped folder.  The folder contains a FIFA World Cup ribbon add-in (.xlam) and an Excel World Cup 2014 predictions file (.xlsx).  The Ribbon tab in the World Cup add-in entitled World Cup 2014 has four main buttons.  Navigating through the buttons you can

  • View the football match VENUES and click on a stadium image to view the respective venue's FIFA website page
  • See which TEAMS make up each group
    • You can navigate to each team's official FIFA website by clicking on the team name
    • You can also view the player's that make up each team, which club they currently play for, and even navigate to their Wikipedia page to learn more about them (when you click their name)
  • Analyze the MATCH schedules and click on a specific match to see results or pre-game information; all provided by Google.
  • Discover which football CLUBS have produced the most FIFA World Cup tournament players.  The top 32 clubs are listed with there respective players listed out.  Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and Barcelona topped off the list!

See It In Action! Template Featured On Excel TV

Download The Excel File

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and get your own free copy downloaded and enjoy the World Cup inside of Excel!  Feel free to share the Excel files with all your colleagues and friends as well!

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