How To Add The Developer Ribbon Tab

Add The Developer Ribbon Tab Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

The Developer Tab

You can typically spot an advanced Excel user from a normal one by looking at their ribbon.  Things like a fully loaded QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) and extraneous add-in tabs are dead giveaways a user is delving into some of the more advanced functionalities of Excel (this assumption can be applied to Word & PowerPoint also).

Today you will learn how to unlock some of Microsoft Office's more advanced tasks.  This includes

  • Access to the VBE (Visual Basic Editor)
  • Ability to insert Form and ActiveX controls (think drop downs, scroll bars, check boxes, etc...)
  • Import and Export XML files

How To Add the Developer Tab

Microsoft has chosen to hide this Ribbon tab by default.  I am assuming this is done because the majority of users do not use (learn to use) all the awesome stuff stored on the tab.  The Developer tab is hidden away on most of the Office Suite's programs but in this post I will cover get it showing in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

1. Click the File Tab and select Options

Excel Options (click to enlarge)

PowerPoint Options (click to enlarge)

Word Options (click to enlarge)

2. Click Customize Ribbon

3. Check the box next to Developer in the Main Tabs listbox.

Excel (click to enlarge)

PowerPoint (click to enlarge)

Word (click to enlarge)

You're Finished!

Now that you have tweaked your options to show the Developer tab you should see this tab appear near the end of you Ribbon tab.  Check out the images below to see which features are added to your Office Ribbon when you active the Developer tab in each respective program.

Excel Developer Tab

Microsoft Excel Developer Ribbon 2013

PowerPoint Developer Tab

Microsoft PowerPoint Developer Ribbon 2013

Word Developer Tab

Microsoft Word Developer Ribbon 2013

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