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By Chris Newman •  Updated: 05/29/15 •  4 min read
Excel & VBA Blog Forum Resource Directory Guide

Your Excel Resource Guide

I'm sure every Excel blog out there has some sort of directory page with recommendations of other great resources and it's about time this blog puts one together. Feel free to help shape the links on this page and I hope you discover at least one new website that can teach you a thing or two about Excel!

The main blogs and resources here on TheSpreadsheetGuru are:

[Active] blogs are currently posting tutorial articles at least 4 times per month

Excel Blogs

VBA/Development Blogs

International (Non-English) Blogs

*I don't know any foreign languages, so if you know of any great non-english Excel blogs, let me know below in the comments section and I'll start a list



How To Easily Follow Your Favorites

Most blogs (including this one) don't post on a pre-scheduled basis. A few years ago, I would waste so much time manually checking a mental list of blogs to see if any of them had posted new tutorials. A year later, I started reading up on what RSS feed readers were and they changed my life forever! 

RSS feeds push new content that was posted on blogs from only the websites you designate. A feed reader compiles the information the RSS feeds pump out. It's like having your own personal online newspaper, filled daily with only content from websites you care about.

I personally use Feedly as my RSS feed reader and highly recommend their website. It's a completely free tool that will change the way you consume your content....so at least give it a try!

What New Site Have You Discovered?

I'm sure there is at least one site you haven't heard of or visited yet. Give them a shot and see if you can learn something new today. Leave a comment below if you were pleasantly surprised or impressed by any of the links you clicked on...or if you just want to give your favorite blog a public shout-out. I look forward to reading your responses!

Help Me Update And Maintain

There are thousands of Excel-related blogs out there and there's no way I can follow or search out all of them, so that's where I need your help. If there's a blog or forum out there that pushes or has pushed out a ton of awesome Excel-related content, please leave a comment below with the website name so I can update this page's list.

Also, it would be amazing if you can help me annotate which websites are currently active and which blogs are not currently generating new content. Thank you for your help!

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