Microsoft Excel PowerPoint Office Add-ins

“These dynamic Excel and PowerPoint add-ins have been battle-tested in the real world
and are currently used by
HUNDREDS of Analysts/Companies world-wide.”

- Chris Newman, Financial Analyst & Founder of TheSpreadsheetGuru


This template + mini-course will show you how to build a professional-looking Ribbon-Interface in XML code (it’s easier than it me!)

Insert and create your very own tickmark icons to mark up your spreadsheets. Find plugs in formulas, hyperlink ticks, and so much more!

Store your brand colors, headings, and logos directly inside your Excel Ribbon. Never type in an RGB color code again!


AutoChart will allow you to create, manipulate series ranges and format all your charts at once. Making adjustments never has been easier!

Automate all your copy/pasting from Excel to PowerPoint slides with one click of the mouse. You’re going to save so much time with this!

Select some cells with numbers and easily manipulate them. Divide by 1,000, switch the signs, and so much more!

VBA Recovery Square.png

Did you forget your password or did an employee leave without telling you? Have no fear, VBA Recovery can remove any password!

Instantly insert a Waterfall Chart template where you can insert your data and produce an amazing looking chart

Number Formats Excel Addin

COMING SOON! Store all your custom number format rules to your Excel Ribbon giving you instant access to format numbers your way!


A New Tab that will provide Swap Pasting, Slide Status, Custom Callout storage, Export to PDF, and so much more!